BT4500 Answerphone Beeping… STOP IT!


So, I got fed up with the incessant beeping that my answerphone was making and figured that the setting to turn it off was quite tucked away in the menus.  Here’s how to turn it off.


1.   Hit the MENU button20160107_205652

2.  Select ANSWER PHONE and hit OK20160107_205715

3.  Select ANSWER SETTINGS and hit OK20160107_205801

4.  Select ANSWER & RECORD and hit OK20160107_205821

5.  Select MESSAGE ALERT and hit OK20160107_205844

6.  Select either ON (to activate beeping when a message is available) or OFF (to stop the beeping) and hit OK, this will then save your setting!   No more annoying beeping… :/20160107_205852


I hope that has helped someone 🙂



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9 thoughts on “BT4500 Answerphone Beeping… STOP IT!”

  1. OMG THANK YOU. This has been driving me up the wall, I have family overseas and they sometimes leave messages in the middle of the night due to the time difference and the beeping keeps me up. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the info., but when I reach the “answer & record” point, the screen sez “Not available on this base” whatever that means? I’m considering going to the roof a seeing if the rotten thing flies!

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