How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook



That’s what I was thinking earlier.  So with your shiny new Chromebook you also get a slightly new keyboard layout…minus the Print Screen button.  So how do you get a screenie?

acer_ac700_laptop_keyboard_key  Meet this little fella, he resides above your number 6 key and is designated as the “Next Window” key.  He also doubles up as a printscreen key:

Hit CTRL + acer_ac700_laptop_keyboard_key (or F5 if you are using a normal keyboard) and you will see a little popup in the corner of the screen as below


Screenshot 2015-07-06 at 18.38.20


Want to take a screenshot of part of the screen?

Hit CTRL + SHIFT + acer_ac700_laptop_keyboard_key (or F5 if you are using a normal keyboard) and the mouse cursor will change to a + sign.  Click and drag the box around the area you wish to capture.  Release the mouse button and the screenshot is complete.

Chrome OS stores the screenshots in your Downloads folder.


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