You WILL need a USB keyboard for this.

Update your Windows 8 install

First, use the windows update to update to windows 10.  or download this and run it to upgrade.

I had problems with the install sticking at 85%, restarted it and it went through fine.  It is recommended that you remove any SD cards prior to install.

You should now be running windows 10 with your lovely little Linx 10.  Check in the computer properties that Windows 10 is activated.

Wipe the tablet back to stock

Personally I tried to wipe the tablet back to Windows 10 standard install, but mine got stuck so I had to restart (again)  this brought up a problem where it asked for boot media to carry on…..  Turn off. Hold Vol Down and Power and go through the menus to reset and wipe the tablet again.

Now you should have a windows 10 install with no drivers.

Install new drivers

Download the following: (32 bit versions, Windows 10)

Chipset Drivers:

Graphics Drivers:

Linx 10 Driver pack:—download-disclaimer&sid=ad908ed3eafdbd149ed7c8018a56e3af (this is just for the orientation fix and G sensor driver)

Install Chipset drivers.  Reboot.  Install Graphics Drivers.  Reboot.  Unzip the pack and run the kionix_autorun.bat file.  This will install the G Sensor and update the registry to allow rotation.

Now, if you find that there is no sound… head to device manager and right click/update the two sound devices.  It will find a new one on the net and install them for you.


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