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50fps/60fps GoPro looks like 25fps/30fps

I have just received my first GoPro!  Yaaaay meee!….. anyway.  I started recording at 50fps (UK) and it looked OK for a while… until it didn’t.  The footage seemed to get less smooth and “clock down” to 25fps.  But I set it at 50fps?  When I was watching the footage back it it seemed to…

GoPro Language options?

  GoPro, Why English-German, English-French, English-Spanish? When ordering a GoPro on Amazon or similar, what the hell does it mean English-German, English-French, English-Spanish etc?  Basically it’s just the instructions.  That’s it.  ¬.¬     If this has helped you in any way please let me know.  Tweet @_BenjaminPeters or buy me a beer!