I have been wondering just how good these ZeroLemon battery cases actually are.  They add a huge slab to the back of your “extremely thin” phone… not that I’m really bothered about having a 8mm thick phone instead of 6mm…….. but obviously at 9000+mAh it will be a huge difference over your standard 3000mAh battery, but what does that equate to in real life?

A friend recently bought one for his Galaxy Note II and….. well…. the results speak for themselves:

Screenshot_2015-07-15-11-09-38 Screenshot_2015-07-15-11-09-10

In two days, there is still 46% battery remaining…. with SEVEN HOURS screen on time?  That totally changes the way you can use your phone!  I can safely say that the next phone I have will need to have a removable battery so that I can get one of these.

They are available here at a VERY reasonable price! (No affiliation)


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